Civic and Community Engagement

Election 2020

Black voters played a critical role in electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and in those tense days after the election, as officials in the Pennsylvania Convention Center counted, recounted, and certified the votes, all eyes were on Philadelphia. Black voters came through, and WURD played a critical role. Recognizing the existential threat that four more years of Trump’s racism would bring, WURD encouraged listeners to use their power and vote, by mail or in person. In this fourth and final episode of OnWURD 2020 in Black, Sara Lomax-Reese talks with hosts Solomon Jones, Joann Bell, Charles Ellison, and Bishop Dwayne Royster. From Black women’s leadership to the racial animus that still fuels many white voters, we know there is a need for vigilance and accountability. Yet, in this historic week, we make time for reflection and celebration, too. | From: WURD (Read more.)