Philly could populate Pittsburgh with its hungry

From Philadelphia Media Network: St. Francis sits on Kensington Avenue, in the heart of Philly’s perfect storm, but the suffering citywide is so severe that it lends itself to a simple, stark shorthand: We are the poorest and hungriest big city in the country, and the epicenter of the urban opioid crisis to boot. This is our reality now. (Read more.)


Rate of births to white single moms accelerates, as low-income women wrest ‘beauty’ from hard lives

From Philadelphia Media Network: The rate of unmarried white females having babies nearly tripled between 1980 and 2016, rising from 10 percent to almost 30 percent, according to Child Trends, a nonprofit research organization. That figure, which measures births to females ages 15 to 44, is about twice as high as the 15 percent of births to unmarried white females in 1990. (Read more.)


Report: Hunger in Philadelphia increases 22 percent

From Philadelphia Media Network: Based on data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the report found that in the 2015-17 time period, 302,685 Philadelphia residents, or 18.3 percent of the population, lived in households that the federal government designates as food insecure. That’s a measure of hunger meaning that people didn’t have enough food in the course of a year to lead a healthy lifestyle. (Read more.)


5 smart lessons about investing to end poverty in Philadelphia

From Generocity: Despite Philly’s many cross-sector collaborations, local government efforts and discussions — prepare yourself for this shocker — ending poverty isn’t easy, which is why it hasn’t happened yet. Indeed, as panelist and GreenLight Fund Philadelphia ED Omar Woodard put it at ImpactPHL’s recent “Investing to End Poverty” event, it’s a Gordian knot. (Read more.)


Nominate a Neighbor!

My Philly Neighbor” series which will highlight stories of everyday acts of kindness and good deeds by people helping their communities in small and big ways. We especially want to provide a platform for areas of the city that have been historically portrayed in a negative light and to people who are doing good on their own, not necessarily as part of their job. Nominate them here so that one of our partner media outlets can reach out to interview them. (Read more.)