From Philadelphia Weekly: I ran into an old colleague of mine recently who, like our publication, is a part of an initiative called Broke in Philly. Under anonymity he confided that there are problems even today that despite appearing to be on the level financially, are constantly holding him underwater. But he also noted savvy ways he’s staying afloat even though it inevitably comes to the detriment of his wallet — at times harder than he would like. (Read more.)


Philly wants to teach retiring business owners how to sell — to their workers

From Philadelphia Media Network: On this bustling business corridor and transportation hub in West Philadelphia, most of the shops that have endured for two decades or more, the ones that solidified 52nd Street’s place as a neighborhood anchor, may soon disappear. Those owners, some of them well into their 70s and even 80s, don’t know whether their shops will live on after they can no longer work. (Read more.)


Fear of Schuylkill Punch: Residents with lower incomes spend more on water, survey finds

From Billy Penn: Despite the unfortunate nickname, “Schuylkill Punch” has been proven plenty safe to drink, but the myth that it’s not has an unfortunate effect. In the poorest big city in the country, many people are unnecessarily spending their money on more expensive water. And Water Dept. surveys sent out this spring showed the phenomenon touches specific groups of people more than others. (Read more.)


Hack For North Philly

From The Philadelphia Citizen:
Organizations throughout the city, including Quest Community Engagement Project, Code for Philly, and Resolve Philadelphia, have partnered up to organize this event in the hopes of sparking collaboration and change in North Philadelphia, where the documentary was filmed. Quest follows a man of the same name and his family in North Philadelphia over the span of nearly 10 years. The movie was described as a “radiant filmmaking debut” in The Los Angeles Times and as “quietly eloquent” in The New York Times, in which it was also named a Critic’s Pick. (Read more.)