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A Home for Missed Goodbyes: Relaunching With Love

Since March, we have provided support and a public space for those who wanted to share  messages to loved ones lost to COVID-19. After witnessing just how meaningful this feels to those who are grieving, we are relaunching With Love to feature the messages of those grieving a friend or family member killed by gun violence. | From: With Love Philly (Read more.)


As killings surge in Philadelphia, city considers $500,000 package to move residents threatened by violence

While firebombings are unusual in Philadelphia, the city has a history of suspected criminals terrorizing family members and friends because someone in their circle has cooperated with law enforcement or prosecutors as part of a criminal investigation or court case. In response, City Council is now considering a budget measure that includes a proposal to create a program that would give these people the option to relocate. | From: PlanPhilly (Read more.)