Wake Up With WURD

Wake Up With WURD 9.10.18 – Justin Ennis

On today’s show we have Justin Ennis who is the Executive Director, ASAP/After School Activities Partnerships. He joins Wake Up With WURD to talk about after school programs in Philadelphia and also to talk about an after school program fair that will be happening Sept. 22 […]


Quality education can reduce poverty

From The Philadelphia Tribune: In today’s world of advanced technology and globalization it is extremely difficult to have financial stability without the foundation of a good pre-school, K-12 and post-secondary education, whether that is certification for a valued skill, additional training, community college or four-year college degree. […]


Education is the answer to many of life’s challenges

From The Philadelphia Tribune: Historical standards for what constitutes poverty have improved and therefore the anti-poverty movement has been a success. While this analysis may take into account those historical factors that describe conditions of poverty, it grossly understates the human suffering and intergenerational character of poverty as viewed by those of us who continue to fight this insidious war. […]