Penn’s medical school formalizes partnership with five HBCUs

Johnson is part of the Penn Access Summer Scholars program, which strives to bring more undergraduate students from underrepresented groups into medical school, guaranteeing them admission to Penn’s highly competitive Perelman School of Medicine if, among other things, they complete two summers of research, maintain at least a 3.6 GPA in college, have a 1300 on the SAT or 30 on the ACT, and secure strong recommendations. | From: The Inquirer (Read more.)

Civic and Community Engagement

PlayStreets are back in Philly, with safety training in place

It’s the active shooter equivalent of “stop, drop and roll,” and it’s a crucial piece of knowledge for the crew of teenagers helping with Philadelphia’s “PlayStreets” program this summer. They started work this Monday, hoping to create a safe and educational environment despite the city’s ongoing gun violence crisis and a Fourth of July weekend disrupted by gunfire. | From: WHYY (Read more.)


Pennsylvania budget boosts education spending by $850 million

In the budget deal passed by lawmakers Friday, basic education funding for school districts — the major source of state K-12 aid — will increase by $525 million. “Level Up” funding, which is for the 100 poorest school districts in the state including Philadelphia, will go up by $225 million, and there will be a $100 million increase for special education. Combined funding for basic education and Level Up districts will increase from $7.1 billion to $7.8 billion, or about 8%. | From: Chalkbeat (Read more.)