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Neighborhood Bike Works gave out 77 free bikes to essential workers and others in need

In April, Neighborhood Bike Works started a program called Bikes for Neighbors to help, giving away free bikes to essential workers and people who needed them.

Eight months into the initiative and with over 500 requests for bikes, 77 bikes have been given out.

Jessi West, Executive Director of Neighborhood Bike Works, said that the program was a solution to multiple problems created by the pandemic. | From: Green Philly (Read more.)


COVID wrecking your mental health? New initiative will award $100k to pilot solutions for Philly millennials

A large number of millennials in Philly are people of color living on low incomes. What help is available to this generation, defined as people born between 1981 and 1996?

For folks who come up with ideas to answer that question, a new initiative will give out $50k in prizes and another $50k seed funding. Called the Well City Challenge, the social impact project is a sequel to 2018’s Full City Challenge — but instead of focusing on food and hunger, this focuses on health and wellness. | From: Billy Penn (Read more.)