December 13, 2018
Broke in Philly




Struggles, part II

From Philadelphia Weekly: Two weeks ago, I shared a pair of stories a former colleague told me about how he navigates the dance classified as working poor. Since telling his story via my column, I’ve received numerous emails from readers (and thank you) who’ve shared similar tales of what they go through just to survive a day-to-day. (Read more.)





How Philly’s cash bail system does more harm than good | Opinion

From Philadelphia Media Network: Our money bail system is a travesty. Every day in Philadelphia, people who are accused but not convicted of a crime are held in jail not because they are guilty, but because they are too poor to purchase their freedom. Judges here routinely put a price on a person’s liberty, and it is often one they cannot afford. One in four people is assigned money bail of $50,000 or more. (Read more.)




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Record your thoughts at PhillyCAM this Saturday

We’re hosting an open studio at PhillyCAM from 1-5pm on Saturday, Dec. 15 to give y’all the opportunity to record your thoughts on camera about what your life would be like if you felt economically secure. Or, you can voice what would Philly be like if it wasn’t broke. From this, we will cut a powerful 90-second video to circulate during January, Economic Mobility Month. We want Philadelphians from all backgrounds and income levels to participate. So come on out to share your thoughts! (Read more.)

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#HighCost of Being Broke

#BrokeinPhilly: The high cost of being broke

Broke in Philly editor Jean Friedman-Rudovsky appeared over the weekend on CBSN, CBS News’ streaming video channel, to discuss the #HighCost of Being Broke series — which launched earlier this month.

The first installment covered banking, transportation, cell phone access, food staples and more, also highlighting solutions, policies or programs or options that help alleviate some of the cost born by those who can least afford to take them on.

Visit: #HighCost (Read more.)

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