March 7, 2021
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Philly Catholic schools have been offering in-person class all year

Each room at St. Pio’s has a window cracked and a door open. There’s a system for when students can use bathrooms between regular cleanings. And each desk has a three-panel barrier that students raise whenever they need to lower their masks. Behind the barriers sit roughly 230 students, from pre-K through eighth grade, about the same number who occupied this building last year. They’ve been learning in a decades-old Catholic school five days a week since the school year began. | From: WHYY (Read more.)


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The Prosperity Symposium: Tackling Philadelphia’s Greatest Economic Mobility Challenges

The Prosperity Symposium: Economic Mobility Research in Action conference looked at components of economic mobility in Philadelphia and ways to reinvigorate the city’s approach to its greatest challenges: economic inclusion, security, and mobility. | From: CityWide Stories

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