August 17, 2019
Broke in Philly

Reality Check 8.8.19 – EcoWURD Foodlab

Bartram’s Gardens Sankofa Community Farm Chris Bolden Newsome & culinary expert Michael Twitty discuss the legacy of Black food and culinary expertise, how it reconciles the history of slavery, and how to achieve “food sovereignty.” | From: ecoWURD (Read more.)




Putting Art to Work

Mural Arts paid 430 homeless Philadelphians $22,000 to paint a mural in Suburban Station and access social services. Their efforts, and a city pilot, aim to help even more people in need. | From: The Philadelphia Citizen (Read more.)



5 “Green” Freebies in Philly

In honor of Earth Week, we’re giving you a gift of FREE giveaways. OK, so we’re not giving you the free things… technically the city is. But living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive and mean you have to buy new things to benefit the planet. | From: Green Philly (Read more.)






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