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Bebashi offering new support group to trans people of color

The team at Bebashi Transition to Hope continues to provide a safe spaces for transgender and gender nonbinary people of color through the support group The Healing Place, part of the organization’s Melanin Magic program. Melanin Magic offers a variety of services to trans and gender nonconforming folks, including access to Bebashi’s Trans Necessities Closet, HIV/STI testing and PrEP. | From: Philadelphia Gay News (Read more.)


Philly has few affordable homes for multigenerational families. There are no plans to change that

Two days after 12 people died when their apartment caught fire, Philadelphia Housing Authority CEO Kelvin Jeremiah said the agency had “absolutely no indication” the intergenerational clan wanted to move out of their four-bedroom unit. But even if the family members did want to leave as relatives have told reporters, the agency would have struggled to accommodate them, especially if the family wanted all 14 to stay together in a bigger home. Of the roughly 14,000 units in its portfolio, the Philadelphia Housing Authority doesn’t have any big enough to house a group that size. | From: PlanPhilly (Read more.)