Environmental Racism in Philly: a “Dirty” History.

The everyday conditions amplify the reality that black and people of color are most affected by the impacts of climate change, amongst other issues. But just like redlining, environmental injustices and Pollution segregation continue to plague our city, more specifically the low income, predominately black neighborhoods in Philly. | From: Green Philly (Read more.)


New SBA loans for Philly damage during civil unrest now available

If your home or business was damaged during the vandalism or arson that followed many of the early days of protests in Philadelphia or the surrounding counties, there’s a new opportunity to access money to fix things up. The federal Small Business Administration approved Governor Tom Wolf’s request for a special disaster declaration for the events between May 30 and June 8. | From: Billy Penn (Read more.)


Closed checks

To their establishments, servers are essential workers who fuel Philly’s food scene. But they aren’t getting compensated for their essential work during the pandemic. So, they’re organizing to fight for fairer pay. | From: Philadelphia Weekly (Read more.)

Income and Wages

The shift to remote work could devastate Philadelphia

Both within the city and throughout the rest of the nation, office workers have rather seamlessly transitioned into at-home offices. Remote work promises to save companies immense amounts of money on real estate costs, and innovative technologies have already begun to spring up that make the set up more efficient and less frustrating for employers and employees alike. | From: PlanPhilly (Read more.)


About 90,000 Pennsylvania workers are still waiting for answers about their unemployment claims

90,000 people in Pennsylvania have filed for benefits between March 15 and June 20 and still haven’t gotten paid — or even denied. Complaints about the stubborn backlog, which amounts to 8% percent of claims filed during that period, prompted a Philadelphia congressman to suggest this month that the state call in the National Guard to help process claim. | From: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Read more.)