Philly fell back to 19th place for its 2021 ParkScore® due to our park access inequality.

The Trust for Public Land released its 2021 ParkScore® rankings, announcing that Philly placed 19th. Why the decline? Blame a lack of equity and budget cuts. Philadelphia’s ParkScore fell due to declines in park investment and significant inequities in the Philly Park system.

Philly neighborhoods with residents identifying as Black, Hispanic and Latinx, Indigenous and Native American, or Asian American and Pacific Islander have access to 29 percent less park space per capita than predominately white neighborhoods, according to The Trust for Public Land. Low-income neighborhoods have access to 42 percent less park space than high-income Philly neighborhoods. (Read more.)


In the Child Welfare System, Black Families Should Matter

Built to err on the side of caution for kids, the child welfare system often manifests as a punitive and intrusive force, particularly toward Black families, who are statistically more likely to be referred for investigations and more likely to have their kids taken into foster care when compared to white families. As a result, reformers and abolitionists are demanding that the system be reformed, even wholly reimagined. They frame this cause in the language of the Black Lives Matter movement — a cry to preserve Black families against a system built to separate them. | From: Next City (Read more.)