Hidden Costs: Gun Violence, Seeking Wellness in the Aftermath

Connecting victims of gun violence to resources that may help them achieve a sense of well-being means navigating a complex system with ambiguous rules. When you’re trying to find resources to pay for counseling, medical care, or funeral services for a family member who was a victim of gun violence, there are a lot of acronyms you might want to learn. | From: Love Now Media (Read more.)

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Alternatives to calling 911 in Philadelphia

Philadelphia residents are more concerned about public safety than they have been in a decade. In a summer 2020 survey for The Pew Charitable Trusts, respondents listed “public safety” as the city’s top issue, with a little less than half of the 1,025 city residents surveyed saying they felt safe outside at night — at 49% this is the lowest figure Pew has recorded in over 10 years of polling. | From Kensington Voice (Read more.)