Income and Wages

The Lounge 9.19.18 – Roberto Torres

From WURD Radio:’s Roberto Torres spoke with WURD’s Keaton Nichols about a Broke in Philly reporting trip to New Mexico to look at new ways to connect people to tech jobs. They also spoke about’s recent Technologists of Color series. (Read more.)

Community and Family

Babies should matter more than billionaires

From The Philadelphia Tribune: U.S. Census Bureau figures for 2017 released last week show nearly one in five children in America still lives in poverty, making them the poorest age group in our country. Almost one-third of the 39.7 million poor people in the United States are children. (Read more.)

Income and Wages

BREAKING POVERTY: A need to create access to jobs, training

From The Philadelphia Tribune: City officials are working with business leaders to establish or expand industry partnerships in seven opportunity industries identified by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, including health care, retail and hospitality, early childhood education, technology services, business and financial services, construction and infrastructure, and manufacturing and logistics. (Read more.)