Income and Wages

Moving the needle on poverty

From The Philadelphia Citizen: When that happens, when the rhetoric of public officials rises to the moment, when it is informed by urgency and inspirational spirit, it underscores a fundamental truth: There is actually no reason that the birthplace of American democracy ought to be in last place when it comes to the economic security of its citizens. (Read more.)

Income and Wages

Soft skills, tech jobs: What Philly can learn from Albuquerque’s anti-poverty push

From Why Albuquerque? Because despite how modest a 3 percent drop in poverty rates may seem, lessons can be gleaned from their local approach, which has been lauded by the Kellogg Foundation and the Obama White House. Given Philadelphia’s stubborn 25.9 percent poverty rate, and the lackluster results of current efforts, we’d be remiss to turn a blind eye to the lessons other cities might contribute. (Read more.)


Wake Up With WURD 10.9.18 – Jake Blumgart

From WURD Radio: Jake discusses his story on a recent study done by the Pew Charitable Trusts which shows that the vast majority of low-income Philadelphians receive no assistance with their housing costs. As a result, many have to rely on unconventional and sometimes illegal arrangements to secure shelter. (Read more.)