Sunday Suppers Fight Food Insecurity

From NBC10/Telemundo62 : Broke In Philly: Sunday Suppers Fight Food Insecurity
In this episode of Broke In Philly, NBC10 talks to Sherita Mouzon, who works as a Witness to Hunger with Drexel’s Center for Hunger Free Communities. There, she helps to fight food insecurity by equipping families to prepare and cook healthy meals at weekly Sunday suppers. (Read more.)


Let’s reduce poverty in Philadelphia

From The Philadelphia Tribune: Philadelphia is the only large city with a decline in median household income from 2016 to 2017, from $41,449 in 2016 to $39,759 in 2017. Behind these alarming numbers are thousands of men, women and children struggling in poverty. We have families in Philadelphia with barely enough food to eat and no place to live. They are living in dilapidated housing, shelters and on the streets. (Read more.)