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The story behind Zig Zag

The end result is a set of pieces that offer an intimate portrait of what it’s like to strive for economic advancement in a city like Philadelphia. Economic mobility is often represented as a linear path— moving up the proverbial ladder. But our reporting found that reality is more like a zig zag. You move forward, and then back, at small inclines and over time.  (Read more.)


As awareness of childhood trauma rises, new free therapy program launches for Philly students

Now a new program is trying to break that cycle by offering trauma therapy to children living or attending school in parts of North Philadelphia. Run by the Joseph J. Peters Institute (JJPI), a Philadelphia leader in trauma research and treatment, the program is free to children aged 3 to 18, regardless of parents’ insurance. Philadelphia already has a network of mental health providers offering trauma-informed therapy, but they are only open to Medicaid holders, and none had been based in the 22nd Police District. (Read more.)

Inside Broke in Philly

Building trust with the public

Broke in Philly editor Jean Friedman-Rudovsky listens as WHYY Vice President for News and Civic Dialogue Sandra Clark speaks on a panel on “Building Trust with the Public” during the Society of Professional Journalists conference Sunday at the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University. WHYY is one of 19 news organizations partnering with Broke in Philly. (Read more.)