This Week at Broke in Philly: 08.31.18

• How reverse mortgages can hurt, rather than help, aging Philly homeowners | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Wake Up With WURD – Oscar Abello | From: WURD Radio
• Why some workers think Walmart’s pay-in-advance app is a lousy deal | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Introduciendo EN ESPAÑOL
• Family gets ‘stability, security, a place to call home,’ thanks to Conshohocken developer’s new charity | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• HBCU’s as engines of economic mobility | From: FunTimes
• What happens when you reinstate an anti-poverty program and no one knows about it? | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• The Lenfest Institute: Community Listening and Engagement Fund announces 18 new grants
• #BrokeinPhilly: The high cost of being broke
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#BrokeinPhilly: The high cost of being broke

Broke in Philly editor Jean Friedman-Rudovsky appeared over the weekend on CBSN, CBS News’ streaming video channel, to discuss the #HighCost of Being Broke series — which launched earlier this month.

The first installment covered banking, transportation, cell phone access, food staples and more, also highlighting solutions, policies or programs or options that help alleviate some of the cost born by those who can least afford to take them on.

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This Week at Broke in Philly: 08.24.18

• SEPTA’s new regional rail turnstile design keeps Key card users in and the city’s homeless population out | From: Philly Weekly
• To prevent chronic homelessness, Philly nonprofit offers some young adults more than shelter | From: WHYY
• Voices: Abundantly Good Cheese | From: PhillyCAM
• A hotter topic: Building heat resilience into multifamily housing | From: PlanPhilly
• How Benefits Data Trust will use $4 million to increase food security across the U.S. | From: Generocity
• Broke in Philly update: Cash bail processing fees
• Reflecting on media roles (Read more.)