Broke in Philly launches #HighCost of Being Broke series

There are countless ways in which those who have less end up paying more: buying in small quantities rather than in discounted bulk; ignoring car servicing because you can’t afford it, only to suffer a breakdown (towing + repair = $$$); not having a bank account because of bad credit, or lacking the minimum balance, and then giving up some of your paycheck every time you cash it. (Read more.)


This Week at Broke in Philly: 08.03.18

• City courts and the financial scheme taking from the poor, collecting what amounts to millions for city and state coffers | From: Philly Weekly
• Can city government use the tech community to lift Philadelphians out of poverty? | From:
• Is the war on poverty ‘a success,’ as the Trump administration proclaims? | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• GreenLight Fund is bringing a new model of financial empowerment to Philadelphia | From: Generocity
• Many U.S. kids can’t swim and are at risk for drowning | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Colby for a cause | From: The Philadelphia Citizen
• joins collaborative reporting project Broke in Philly | From: (Read more.)


Colby for a cause

From The Philadelphia Citizen: After more than 30 years in operation, Philabundance is now launching something new, something that is the source of Retamar and Bowdler’s snacking habit: Abundantly Good, a retail line of cheeses, the proceeds of which are used to turn surplus milk, which would otherwise go to waste, into cheese for the people facing food insecurity. (Read more.)