PECO proposes electric rate hike that would increase residential bills by nearly 10%

Under a proposal before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), the southeastern Pennsylvania utility provider would increase the monthly bill for a residential customer by about 9.65% — an increase of $9.68 for a typical residential account. Small business customers would see an increase of about 5.49%. The change would bring in an additional $246 million per year. | From: WHYY (Read more.)


Nearly a million Pa. utility customers are past due on their bills because of COVID-19. Who will pick up the cost?

About 968,000 mostly residential customers of large electric, gas and water utilities were more than 30 days past due on their bills at the end of November, up 34% from a year ago, according to reports filed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. They owed more than $808 million, up 70% from the previous year. | From: The Inquirer (Read more.)


What to do if you can’t pay your utility bill after COVID

As of June, the number of customers at risk of having their utilities shut off was as high as 800,000 for regulated utility companies, said Community Legal Services attorney Rob Ballenger. He expects the numbers to be even higher today. It is unknown how many customers of unregulated utility companies have also fallen behind and could be disconnected. | From: PlanPhilly (Read more.)