Philadelphia releases first urban agriculture plan

The 10-year roadmap aims to identify the policies, resources, and systems needed to “sustain and grow” agriculture in the city and build a more just food system. The plan takes an “anti-racist lens,” and is rooted in the understanding that the city’s Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and refugee communities have built and nurtured its agricultural traditions over generations. From: WHYY (Read more.)

Civic and Community Engagement

CHOP has a new mental health center in West Philly. Community members want providers to spend time outside its walls.

West Philadelphians concerned about the mental health effect of gun violence on their children are grateful for a new outpost that the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is opening in their neighborhood. But in a community forum Wednesday, some said they wanted providers to engage with their new neighbors outside the center as well. | From: The Inquirer (Read more.)