Housing Advocates Prep for Worst-Case Scenario on Evictions in Philadelphia

A Pennsylvania moratorium on eviction actions expired Monday, clearing the way for nearly 1,800 evictions previously in progress to resume in a city that sees close to 20,000 annually. But an announcement late Tuesday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could put a federal hold through the end of the year on many of those evictions starting Friday. | From: NBC10/Telemundo62 (Read more.)


Philly wants to try ‘basic income’

The idea of a “universal basic income” or giving people monthly cash payments gained traction on the 2020 campaign trail. Now, Philadelphia wants to try it as a way to lift some low-income renters out of poverty. Could it work? Here’s a look at what Philly leaders are proposing and how a basic income experiment is playing out in Stockton, California. | From: WHYY (Read more.)