Wilmington Kitchen Collective aids culinary entrepreneurs

Grace Church on the west side of downtown Wilmington is not the place you’d expect to find a commercial kitchen pumping out barbecue sauce, vegetarian tacos, water ice, and other tasty fare.

The massive Methodist church, built in 1868 at Ninth and West streets, will soon become home to the Wilmington Kitchen Collective. The group of 11 entrepreneurs, including food truck operators and caterers, will share time in the kitchen starting later this summer. | From WHYY (Read more.)

Community and Family

Philly catches the community fridge wave

Philadelphia is now taking notes from New York’s experiment in mutual aid as several fridges have been set up to provide nutrition for the community. They all share the same objectives: to reduce waste, to make fresh and healthy food more accessible, and to create a more equitable city. | From: AL DÍA (Read more.)