This Week at Broke in Philly: 09.14.18

• BREAKING POVERTY: Bad breaks early in life often weave an inescapable web for the poor | From: The Philadelphia Tribune
• Education is the answer to many of life’s challenges | From: The Philadelphia Tribune
• Quality education can reduce poverty | From: The Philadelphia Tribune
• Sheriffs target ‘deadbeat dads’ with midnight raids, debtor’s prison. But does it help the kids? | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Democratizing Food | From: The Philadelphia Citizen
• Around the country, incomes are rising. In Philly, they’re falling | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Philly antipoverty office: Lack of clout, vision, and leadership | From: Philadelphia Media Network

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Democratizing Food

From The Philadelphia Citizen: For the last decade, Common Market has spread affordable access to locally-sourced nutrient-dense food to the city’s neediest. Now its mission is spreading nationwide (Read more.)