Community and Family

Did you miss a chance to say goodbye because of COVID?

We know that nothing can make up for that. But we also believe that keeping those final thoughts and sentiments bottled up can be an additional hardship. So we are offering anyone who couldn’t have that in-person goodbye a chance to share what you would have said if you’d had been able to be by their side. We call this effort: With Love: Messages to those lost to COVID. | From: Kensington Voice (Read more.)

Income and Wages


From Philadelphia Weekly: I ran into an old colleague of mine recently who, like our publication, is a part of an initiative called Broke in Philly. Under anonymity he confided that there are problems even today that despite appearing to be on the level financially, are constantly holding him underwater. But he also noted savvy ways he’s staying afloat even though it inevitably comes to the detriment of his wallet — at times harder than he would like. (Read more.)