High fares for Regional Rail riders create a ‘tale of two transit systems’ in Philadelphia | Opinion

Just take a ride on SEPTA’s Regional Rail in the city, and compare that to the ride on a SEPTA bus. It’s striking how much whiter and more privileged the Regional Rail ridership appears to be. This is not just a tale of geography — wealthy suburban versus lower income inner-city riders

It is no wonder the systems are segregated. One is priced at a relatively affordable $2.00 per trip, the other is simply too expensive for many Philadelphians: The cheapest standard ticket on the Regional Rail is $4.00 per trip. | From: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Read more.)


Lyft to Restart Shared Rides in Philadelphia

The cheapest option when ordering a Lyft will return to Philadelphia on Monday as the company once again begins to allow people to share rides.

The news comes as COVID-19 pandemic restrictions continue to ease in many parts of the country. However, some pandemic restrictions will still apply, like mask-wearing for all and a limit on the number of riders. | From NBC10 (Read more.)

Income and Wages

Color Me Back: The program using art to brighten public spaces in Philly

Philadelphia’s art scene is one of the most prominent in the country. One nonprofit organization coloring the city and changing lives in the process is Color Me Back, which is bringing local, struggling artists the opportunity to create murals at SEPTA stations and other areas in Philly.

The program was initially founded in April 2019 as a 28-week starting project. However, Color Me Back became a major hit, and has built a strong following since. | From AL DÍA (Read more.)


SEPTA Launches New Tap Card for Philadelphia Students

Tens of thousands of students in Philadelphia will now have a new way to access public transit to get to school.

The School District of Philadelphia and SEPTA on Thursday introduced the new SEPTA Student Fare Card, a tap card that students can use up to eight times a day and which will replace the laminated cards that were previously given to students each week. | From NBC10 (Read more.)