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How the pandemic response has failed young people: Unemployment, caregiving and education

I wasn’t sure what to expect while applying for unemployment, but I did expect to be called lazy, entitled, and good-for-nothing by people who judge others based on what and how much they earn. Contrary to these judgmental beliefs, I survived a pandemic this long while being immunocompromised, caring for three people, searching for employment, battling with my mental health, all while being a fulltime student. | From: Generocity (Read more.)

Income and Wages

Pa. cracks down on UC fraud with new ID verification steps

Pennsylvania is taking measures to rein in skyrocketing cyber fraud that’s attacking the state’s unemployment compensation system.

The Department of Labor and Industry announced Friday that it had contracted with identity verification service to screen new applicants for benefits.

“We take unemployment benefit fraud very seriously at L&I, and we are committed to working with our partners to prevent fraudulent claims and hold those responsible accountable for their actions,” said Labor and Industry Secretary Jennifer Berrier. | From WHYY (Read more.)

Income and Wages

PropelPHL launches to connect job-seekers, employers, social services

A new digital platform has been launched in Philly to bring together those offering jobs and those seeking them.

PropelPHL is being billed as a first-of-its-kind site that joins together job-seekers, business owners, and workforce training programs, said Kathryn Epps Roberson of website sponsor Hire! Philly.

The goal, Epps Roberson said, is to match people with businesses that have immediate hiring needs. | From WHYY (Read more.)

Income and Wages

What you need to know about work search requirements for Pa. unemployment benefits

If you’re getting unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania, there’s been an important change you need to know about: you will now need to show you’re looking for work in order to continue receiving payments.

Known as a “work search requirement,” that requirement — which had been suspended during the pandemic — resumed this week. Starting on Sunday, July 18, you will need to show that you are actively looking for work, and track your job search in order to prove it, should the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry ask.

What exactly are the work search requirements, and how do you keep track of them? Here is what you need to know. | From The Inquirer (Read more.)