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In wake of rising anti-Asian hate, students interview Chinese elders on their immigrant experience

A rise in anti-Asian hate during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the Equally Informed team to think of ways to feature Asian immigrant stories to humanize storytelling. With the help of Resolve Philly’s community partner the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC), high school students met with elders in their community to interview them. | From: Equally Informed Philly (Read more.)

Community and Family

A path to citizenship would put more dollars in Pa. coffers, new study says

For Pennsylvania, the Biden administration’s proposal to create a legal pathway for millions of undocumented people would mean more than lots of new citizens — it would mean more money in state coffers.

Undocumented residents now pay about $135 million a year in state and local taxes. But granting them citizenship would boost that figure by 38%, more than $51 million, according to a new study. | From The Philadelphia Inquirer (Read more.)

Community and Family

Grupos de derechos de los inmigrantes de Pennsylvania lanzan un fondo para los inmigrantes en medio de COVID-19

Las organizaciones sin fines de lucro de Pensilvania orientadas a los derechos de los inmigrantes están imitando a California con un fondo propio para inmigrantes. El Fondo de Ayuda al Inmigrante de PA comenzó con una donación de 500.000 dólares de la Fundación Douty de Filadelfia y ahora cuenta con más de 40 organizaciones de todo el estado que reúnen donaciones para el esfuerzo. | Para: AL DíA (Read more.)