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Guest Commentary: PGW’s Gas Leak Failure

At least 50 percent of Philadelphia’s gas mains are made of cast iron, including the one on my block. Cast iron is no longer permitted when new gas mains are installed, because it is known to corrode and crack easily, especially during freeze-thaw cycles. This increases the likelihood of leaks, and some of them result in deadly explosions like one that happened in South Philly two years ago this month. | From: The Citizen (Read more.)


Climate activists set their sights on Pennsylvania PUC

Pennsylvania climate activists have set their sights on the state’s utility regulator. The interfaith group POWER wants Gov. Tom Wolf to appoint new members of the Public Utility Commission who are dedicated to climate justice and ending environmental racism. They say they’ve met with Gov. Wolf and put out a call for candidates as part of an effort to reform the PUC and increase the use of renewable energy. | From: WHYY (Read more.)


Environmental Racism in Philly: a “Dirty” History.

The everyday conditions amplify the reality that black and people of color are most affected by the impacts of climate change, amongst other issues. But just like redlining, environmental injustices and Pollution segregation continue to plague our city, more specifically the low income, predominately black neighborhoods in Philly. | From: Green Philly (Read more.)