Wake Up With WURD

Wake Up With WURD 10.9.18 – Jake Blumgart

From WURD Radio: Jake discusses his PlanPhilly.com story on a recent study done by the Pew Charitable Trusts which shows that the vast majority of low-income Philadelphians receive no assistance with their housing costs. As a result, many have to rely on unconventional and sometimes illegal arrangements to secure shelter. (Read more.)


Killing SEPTA transfer fees, charging for parking differently — it’s all in Philly’s new transportation plan

From PlanPhilly: The City of Philadelphia released what may be its most ambitious and concretely detailed transportation plan yet on Wednesday. Called CONNECT, the seven-year plan details the goals, strategies and tactics officials hope will address the city’s most pressing transportation challenges, including increased congestion, declining bus ridership, and a bike commuting trend that’s gone flat. (Read more.)


Let’s reduce poverty in Philadelphia

From The Philadelphia Tribune: Philadelphia is the only large city with a decline in median household income from 2016 to 2017, from $41,449 in 2016 to $39,759 in 2017. Behind these alarming numbers are thousands of men, women and children struggling in poverty. We have families in Philadelphia with barely enough food to eat and no place to live. They are living in dilapidated housing, shelters and on the streets. (Read more.)