Civic and Community Engagement

New digital mental health tool is now available to LGBTQ youth

When it comes to the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth, resources are not always abundant in places like schools or community centers. That’s where the free, research-based digital mental health tool imi (pronounced eye-me) comes in. Imi was created to help queer and trans youth explore and affirm their identity and engage in practical techniques that increase methods of coping with stress related to sexual orientation and gender. | From: Philadelphia Gay News (Read more.)


Stronger Every Day

The road to recovery from gunshot injuries can last years. Listen to how Tashawn Strother has helped her son Walter Willis make tremendous progress. | From: Kouvenda Media (Read more.)

Income and Wages

How to eliminate racial disparities made worse by Covid-19

Akron and Cincinnati, Ohio and Philadelphia are using the purchase of land, housing and commercial properties as a means of countering the rise in parasitic capital as well as setting the stage for scaled homeownership and corridor initiatives. These efforts follow the maxim of Della Clark, president of The Enterprise Center in Philadelphia: “If you don’t have site control, you just have an opinion.” Significantly, new ideas around community equity corporations, districts and shares are emerging that, if structured and implemented well, could enable residents to benefit from economic revitalization of their communities. | From: The Philadelphia Citizen (Read more.)