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Philly has two proven ways to eliminate trash. Why don’t we use them?

Philadelphia’s public spaces suffer from two main types of improper waste disposal: littering and illegal dumping. Litter consists of small pieces of trash that are either tossed on the ground or spilled during the garbage collection process. Illegal dumping consists of larger, heavier kinds of waste that are intentionally deposited by contractors, auto shops, junk haulers and/or residents. | From: The Philadelphia Citizen (Read more.)

Civic and Community Engagement

Philly residents plagued by illegal dumping tell city to invest in solutions

The lack of enforcement may come at a high cost for taxpayers, too. According to a 2020 statewide survey, Philadelphia spends $48 million per year dealing with its trash-infested streets — by far the highest in the commonwealth, even accounting for population and size difference. About 90% of that money goes toward cleanup rather than prevention. | From: The Inquirer (Read more.)