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Shelters gear up for pandemic cold snap

Outreach teams will still blanket the city and try to encourage people to come indoors. But now, vans that might normally carry six people can only take one or two, said Hersh. When people arrive at a shelter, they must also pass a COVID-19 screening. Those who do not are instead taken to receive medical care. | From: WHYY (Read more.)


Philadelphia plans hybrid school reopening next month

The School District of Philadelphia plans to open school buildings to students in prekindergarten through second grade next month for a mix of in-person and digital learning, Superintendent William Hite announced Wednesday. Students are due to return Feb. 22, with staff expected to start preparing on Feb. 8. | From: Chalkbeat Philadelphia (Read more.)


In Philly, vaccinations for people experiencing homelessness could start next week

Like other homeless service providers, the Hub began screening and testing guests for COVID-19 in late March. Since then, they say they’ve been doing their best to keep the crisis under control. On Thursday, the health department told the Hub that they could start vaccinating some patients with leftover vaccines from the Stephen Klein Wellness Center, a Project HOME site. | From: Kensington Voice (Read more.)