This Week at Broke in Philly: 08.31.18

• How reverse mortgages can hurt, rather than help, aging Philly homeowners | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Wake Up With WURD – Oscar Abello | From: WURD Radio
• Why some workers think Walmart’s pay-in-advance app is a lousy deal | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Introduciendo EN ESPAÑOL
• Family gets ‘stability, security, a place to call home,’ thanks to Conshohocken developer’s new charity | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• HBCU’s as engines of economic mobility | From: FunTimes
• What happens when you reinstate an anti-poverty program and no one knows about it? | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• The Lenfest Institute: Community Listening and Engagement Fund announces 18 new grants
• #BrokeinPhilly: The high cost of being broke
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ONA Philly

Tonight’s the night! Get to know Broke in Philly: Collaborative Reporting on Economic Justice

Following on the success of The Reentry Project last year, Philadelphia now has its own solutions journalism organization, called: Resolve Philadelphia. And Resolve just launched Broke in Philly, a collaborative of 20 local organizations working together to report on economic justice.

We’re hosting a free panel discussion tonight at 7 p.m. the Pen and Pencil Club — the nation’s oldest press club, seen above — at 1522 Latimer Street in Center City Philadelphia. Come out and meet us to learn more. Event info: (Read more.)