Ideas we should steal: The Citizens Project

From The Philadelphia Citizen: Nationally one in five homeless people had a serious mental illness, and the same number had a substance abuse problem, and in Philly, drug overdose is the number one cause of death among homeless people. These issues are, as may be expected, intertwined, and have created a need for programs like the Citizens Project in large cities across the country. […]


Growing out of poverty

A little over 50 years ago, Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty when the national poverty rate was 19 percent; some $5 trillion later, it’s 16 percent today. Isn’t it time to think differently about how to prosecute that war? From: The Philadelphia Citizen […]


An interview with Nijmie Dzurinko on WURD Radio 👂🏽

From WURD Radio: Nijmie Dzurinko of the Poor People’s Campaign of PA talks to WURD Radio about why she and others are organizing a national revival of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s 1968 call for economic justice—and why she believes the movement must be led by those who earn the least.
We learned about this story thanks to a reader like you. We’re listening. 👂🏽 […]