Growing out of poverty

A little over 50 years ago, Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty when the national poverty rate was 19 percent; some $5 trillion later, it’s 16 percent today. Isn’t it time to think differently about how to prosecute that war? From: The Philadelphia Citizen […]


An interview with Nijmie Dzurinko on WURD Radio 👂🏽

From WURD Radio: Nijmie Dzurinko of the Poor People’s Campaign of PA talks to WURD Radio about why she and others are organizing a national revival of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s 1968 call for economic justice—and why she believes the movement must be led by those who earn the least.
We learned about this story thanks to a reader like you. We’re listening. 👂🏽 […]


Filling the Space Between Philadelphia and Puerto Rico

It’s an unexpected message from a woman who has dedicated her life to helping the Puerto Rican community in Philadelphia. But Hurricane Maria and the subequent flood of evacuees to Pennsylvania further exacerbated a problem that has long plagued impoverished Puerto Ricans. There are not enough resources to go around. […]