El presupuesto revisado del coronavirus de Filadelfia recorta el programa de asesoría legal gratuita para inmigrantes

El Proyecto de Unidad de Familia de Inmigrantes de Pensilvania de Filadelfia (PAIFUP), un fondo dedicado a proporcionar asesoría legal gratuita a inmigrantes que de otra manera no podrían pagar los servicios legales de inmigración podría estar en riesgo debido al coronavirus y al nuevo presupuesto revisado del alcalde Jim Kenney, que planea recortar los fondos de la ciudad para el programa El | De: AL DÍA (Read more.)


Philadelphia council aims to protect pandemic-affected renters

Landlord advocacy groups oppose a set of proposed new laws that would extend a ban on evictions for Philadelphia tenants who lost their jobs because of the pandemic and create other new protections for vulnerable renters. A package of six bills proposed by Councilmembers Helen Gym, Kendra Brooks and Jamie Gauthier would extend the ban, freeze rents for affected tenants through mid-2021, prohibit late fees, and crack down on illegal lockouts. | From: WHYY (Read more.)


Quarantine intake delays overwhelm shelter guests, staff after majority of shelter tests positive for coronavirus

After 35 people at the city’s largest men’s shelter tested positive for coronavirus last week, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s intake process resulted in 24 men stuck in one room overnight and shelter staff scrambling to get them cleared for transportation to one of the city’s emergency quarantine sites. | From: Kensington Voice (Read more.)

Civic and Community Engagement

Why aren’t Philly’s low-income communities of color voting by mail? Same reasons as usual, organizers say

Areas of the city that usually have high turnout — Northwest Philly, Center City and the far Northeast — clocked the highest number of mail-in ballot applications. Meanwhile, historically voter-suppressed communities of color represented the smallest share. Community leaders say the novelty of mail-in voting is compounded by skepticism and distrust of government arms like the postal system, plus general disengagement and voter apathy. | From: Billy Penn (Read more.)