#HighCost of Being Broke

Broke in Philly launches #HighCost of Being Broke series

There are countless ways in which those who have less end up paying more: buying in small quantities rather than in discounted bulk; ignoring car servicing because you can’t afford it, only to suffer a breakdown (towing + repair = $$$); not having a bank account because of bad credit, or lacking the minimum balance, and then giving up some of your paycheck every time you cash it. […]


This Week at Broke in Philly: 08.03.18

• City courts and the financial scheme taking from the poor, collecting what amounts to millions for city and state coffers | From: Philly Weekly
• Can city government use the tech community to lift Philadelphians out of poverty? | From: Technical.ly
• Is the war on poverty ‘a success,’ as the Trump administration proclaims? | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• GreenLight Fund is bringing a new model of financial empowerment to Philadelphia | From: Generocity
• Many U.S. kids can’t swim and are at risk for drowning | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Colby for a cause | From: The Philadelphia Citizen
• Technical.ly joins collaborative reporting project Broke in Philly | From: Technical.ly […]


Colby for a cause

From The Philadelphia Citizen: After more than 30 years in operation, Philabundance is now launching something new, something that is the source of Retamar and Bowdler’s snacking habit: Abundantly Good, a retail line of cheeses, the proceeds of which are used to turn surplus milk, which would otherwise go to waste, into cheese for the people facing food insecurity. […]