Ideas we should steal: The Citizens Project

From The Philadelphia Citizen: Nationally one in five homeless people had a serious mental illness, and the same number had a substance abuse problem, and in Philly, drug overdose is the number one cause of death among homeless people. These issues are, as may be expected, intertwined, and have created a need for programs like the Citizens Project in large cities across the country. […]


This Week at Broke in Philly: 07.20.2018

• Helping foster youth attain college and persist there | From: The Philadelphia Public School Notebook
• Pa. bills would subsidize the costs of college | From: The Philadelphia Public School Notebook
• See how trauma can determine our health and even our income | From: ParaTiMujer Radio Program […]


A low-cost way to reduce depression: renovate vacant lots

From Philadelphia Media Network: Researchers found that planting grass and trees in formerly empty and blighted lots led residents within a quarter-mile radius to feel 40 percent less depressed. In neighborhoods that fell below the poverty line, the effect was even more pronounced, with feelings of depression dropping 68 percent. […]


This Week at Broke in Philly: 07.13.2018

• Beyond SEPTA Key: New program replaces tokens for people in need | From: Billy Penn
• Why this couple’s wedding registry was devoted to paying off Philly kids’ court costs | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• New report sheds light on poverty | From: NBC10/Telemundo62
• How this Philadelphia neighborhood is gentrifying without displacement | From: Next City
• Philadelphians feel squeezed as U.S. economy seems to hum. That’s a poverty problem | From: Philadelphia Media Network
• Here’s where people living on Philly streets can find respite from the heat | From: Generocity […]