October 21, 2020
Broke in Philly

Inside the New Generation of Philadelphia Unions

Last year, a handful of Fishtown cafe workers decided they’d had it with low wages and lousy working conditions and set out to form a union. Now, other service-sector and white-collar workers are following suit. Is this the start of a new labor movement? | From: Philadelphia Magazine (Read more.)

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Civic and Community Engagement

Civic and Community Engagement

¿Debería Filadelfia pedir prestado $ 134 millones para financiar mejoras de tránsito, parques y saneamiento?

¿La ciudad de Filadelfia debería solicitar un préstamo de ciento treinta y cuatro millones de dólares ($ 134,000,000.00) para propósitos de inversión de capital de la siguiente manera: tránsito, vialidad y sanidad, edificios municipales, parques, recreación, museos y desarrollo económico y comunitario? | From: Billy Penn (Read more.)

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Slideshow: Broke in Philly invites panel of experts to inform collaborative reporting project

Dozens of journalists attended a panel discussion at the Philadelphia Media Network headquarters in Center City Friday morning, hosted by Broke in Philly to help inform our collaborative reporting project on solutions to poverty. Stay tuned for more reporting on this event from our partners. (Read more.)

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